Report on Zambian Church of Christ National Youth Conference

On behalf of Hills View, Mpezeni Park, and Musekela Churches of Christ, we would like to express our deepest and heartfelt gratitude as the youths in Chipata District for your support. We thank you for granting us permission to use your institutional bus to facilitate the transportation of Musekela, Mpezeni Park and Hills view Churches of Christ youths to the National Youth Conference. We truly appreciate your assistance and we hope and pray that the great and powerful God we serve will continue to bless you all.

A total of twenty-five youths from three congregations in Chipata traveled to Mongu in the Western province of Zambia to attend the National Youth Conference.

The National Youth Conference was held in Mongu at Barotseland University which is in the Western province of the Zambia. It is approximately 610 kilometers (381 miles) from the capital city Lusaka .The youth meeting was held for 4 days from the 17th to the 21nd of April. Our journey from Chipata began on the 16th of April. We spent a night in Lusaka at Lusaka Central Church of Christ building and proceed to Mongu the following day. Once in Mongu, we were received with open arms by the Church there. The youth conference was official opened on Friday the 18th of April.

The theme of the youth national conference was, “Youth of excellence in Christ.” During the conference, many life changing lessons where taught, all of which were tendered to strengthen and encourage youths to achieve excellence not only in their Christian and Spiritual lives but in other aspects of their lives. The lessons taught were Christian Excellence delivered by Evangelist Jonah Siyanga; Enemies Of Excellence delivered by Evangelist Kennedy Mukuka; Dominating the World through spreading the Gospel in Excellence delivered by Mathias Chunga; Excellence in the Pursuit of Enterprise/Towards Entrepreneurship Excellence delivered by Obet Matantilo; Excellence in Love, Courtship and Marriage delivered by Evangelist Charles Phiri, and finally The Excellent Youth of Church of Christ delivered by Evangelist Herbert Mhango.

In the course of the youth conference there were 4 baptisms, 24 restorations, and 12 confessions. Present at the youth meeting where over 21 Church of Christ congregations from Western, Eastern, Southern, Copperbelt, Lusaka, North Western and Central provinces. Over 550 youths in attended the National Youth Conference in Mongu. Almost 600 people attended the Sunday Service following the youth conference.

Many activities other than Bibles Lessons were done during the conference. Other activities include, sing groups, plays, and sporting activities such as soccer, basketball and netball were done. Hills view Church of Christ and Mpezeni Park Church of Christ youths were considered one of the best in the singing category.

The youth conference was official closed on Sunday the 20th April. We traveled the following morning to Lusaka where we spent a night at Lusaka Central Church of Christ and proceed to Chipata the following morning. Our journey was a safe one.

Finally, we cannot thank you enough for your support and help that made the trip to Mongu possible. May the good Lord continue to bless you all.

Prepared by Goodwin Mwanza
Youth Chairperson

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