East-Reach Zambia started in earnest in the fall of 1999. Since then, East-Reach has been working to increase the number of knowledgeable men in the region to spread the Gospel through the Chipata Bible College, plant churches, assist preachers, dig water wells, provide Bibles and song books, etc…


1. The primary and major goal for the work in the Eastern Province of Zambia and beyond is to plant and mature Churches through:

  • Training of Church Leaders. This is of prime importance for the churches to grow strong and be organized.
  • Holding seminars and Church meetings in an effort to promote growth and better Church organization.
  • Sending of local preachers to as many villages as possible to plant Churches.
  • Networking of all congregations both in the Eastern Province of Zambia and the adjoining area of Mozambique.
  • Supplying Bibles, song books, and grape juice and flour for making the emblems of the Lord’s Supper.

2. To train as many preachers as possible to achieve our goal of evangelizing the whole of the eastern province of Zambia by 2015. We believe that the training of preachers will have a multiplier effect. While training them to preach they can also be sent out to preach as a part of their training.

3. To help meet the physical needs in communities where we plant Churches.

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