One Preacher, A Bicycle, Two Lions

Brother Joseph Nkhoma, the supported preacher for Lundazi, cycled over to help the evangelism efforts in Chitungulu area about 85 miles West of Lundazi. After conducting a successful door to door campaign there with the Church at Chitungulu Church of Christ for three days, he started to cycle back to Lundazi when his front bicycle spoke broke. He had to walk on foot with a broken bicycle for many kilometers going to Lundazi when he met two lions. I understand all he did was to stand still until the two lions decided to walk away. He had to go back until he found a village where he was able to spend the night and find someone to repair the bicycle for him. I thank God that Brother Joseph Nkhoma is alive and well today.

Wellington Mwanza

Good News, Good News

We have been working hard for the last few weeks and results are beginning to show. Currently we have six preachers in Chadiza area on an evangelism mission. They will be in Chadiza area for two weeks. Yesterday, a total of forty-three (43) individuals were baptized into Christ at Chikwa village some twenty Kilometers South East of  Chadiza town. 

A further twenty-three individuals were baptized into Christ two weeks ago at Tafelansoni area of Chadiza. This brings the number of people that have been baptized between February and March to sixty-Six (66).

Thank you.


2015 August Women’s National Meeting

We continue to be busy this year. On February 21, twenty-seven women from Chipata, Chadiza, Katete, Lundazi, Petauke, and Mozambique gathered here at Chipata Bible College for another planning session to prepare for the forth coming National Women’s Meeting that will take place here at Chipata Bible College from August 19-23 2015.

I have been informed that the women are expecting close to 1,000 women to attend this meeting from almost all the ten province in Zambia. Please pray for the success of this important meeting.

Also, today the preachers will begin to arrive with their spouses for the Preachers Monthly Meeting for March. This the first time after a long while that preachers are coming for their monthly meeting with their wives. We feel it is important for the preachers wives to have lessons so that they know how to help their husbands in Ministry.

It is an exciting time for me, Ireen, and everyone here.


CrossTalk Episode – Taking the Gospel to Zambia, Africa

Baker Heights does a lot of work in the Eastern Province of Zambia, Africa. We send medical mission teams every few years, but the most important work we do is in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to James Sumners, John Hanson, and Tommy and Shelia Holmes talk about the mission work going on in Zambia.

Report on Zambian Church of Christ National Youth Conference

On behalf of Hills View, Mpezeni Park, and Musekela Churches of Christ, we would like to express our deepest and heartfelt gratitude as the youths in Chipata District for your support. We thank you for granting us permission to use your institutional bus to facilitate the transportation of Musekela, Mpezeni Park and Hills view Churches of Christ youths to the National Youth Conference. We truly appreciate your assistance and we hope and pray that the great and powerful God we serve will continue to bless you all.
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Updates from East-Reach And Chipata Bible College

A new year often brings many changes.  With our mission effort in Zambia we have new students coming through Chipata Bible College. Sometimes there are changes in the preachers that are sent out to do the work of the Lord maybe because of growth or the need for a preacher to take of something personal.

This year we hope to be adding some new paid preachers in Mozambique as the work there is growing beyond what the two preachers there can currently handle.
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