Goodwin’s Treatment Completes Early

We wish to let you know that we completed the C3R treatment here yesterday. The Doctors did the review of the treatment that they have done and have told us that Goodwin’s eyes are healing very well. Consequently, they say that there is no need for them to proceed in putting INTACS in his eyes to help to stabilize the Corneas like they had earlier intended to do. They however, have said that they would like to see him in three months. They have recommended that we consider ICL or implanted eye lenses. This will ensure that he does not have to use regular eye correction glasses.

We plan to go back to Zambia any day from today. This afternoon we will try to change the Ticket dates to tomorrow. We hope that this will work.

Ireen and I would like to thank you most sincerely for making Goodwin’s treatment possible.

Wellington and Ireen

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