CrossTalk Episode – Taking the Gospel to Zambia, Africa

Baker Heights does a lot of work in the Eastern Province of Zambia, Africa. We send medical mission teams every few years, but the most important work we do is in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to James Sumners, John Hanson, and Tommy and Shelia Holmes talk about the mission work going on in Zambia.

Updates from East-Reach And Chipata Bible College

A new year often brings many changes.  With our mission effort in Zambia we have new students coming through Chipata Bible College. Sometimes there are changes in the preachers that are sent out to do the work of the Lord maybe because of growth or the need for a preacher to take of something personal.

This year we hope to be adding some new paid preachers in Mozambique as the work there is growing beyond what the two preachers there can currently handle.
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