Mwanza’s Arrive in India

We arrived safely here in India yesterday morning.  We quickly met Dr. Surbhi Suden for an update on the arrangements she has made for us. We went to the lodge to rest only 1 hour because we had a doctor’s appointment an hour later. Dr. Suden was born in Kitwe in Zambia but relocated to India.

We went to Sharp Eye Hospital here in New Delhi were Goodwin will be treated for the initial assessment.

1. It was confirmed that he has Keratoconus
2. They told us that with the present condition of his eyes, they will be able to do the C3R (Cross – Linking) procedure. This procedure is intended to stop the progression of Keratoconus. In this procedure, they want to stabilize the oval shape of the cornea. Once this has been done, they will work on improving his vision to a point where he will not need to use either glasses or contact lenses. This is what we are hoping for.
3. Tomorrow Monday March 9, 2014, we will go in for a second assessment followed by a round table discussion between the doctor who will perform the procedure, ourselves, and Dr. Surbhi Suden.
4. Hopefully on Tuesday, they can start the procedure. Our understanding is that they will start with the right eye. Then we wait for the eye to recover. This we understand will take three to four days. After this, they will then proceed with the left eye.
5. Once this has been done, they will work on further improving his sight.

Thank you very much for making this procedure possible for us. Ireen and I are truly grateful to you all. God Bless you all. We will keep you posted on the progress made.

Wellington and Ireen.

For more information on the medical center and those involved follow the below links:

Sharp Eye Hospital at:
Dr. Surbhi Suden at:

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