Updates from East-Reach And Chipata Bible College

A new year often brings many changes.  With our mission effort in Zambia we have new students coming through Chipata Bible College. Sometimes there are changes in the preachers that are sent out to do the work of the Lord maybe because of growth or the need for a preacher to take of something personal.

This year we hope to be adding some new paid preachers in Mozambique as the work there is growing beyond what the two preachers there can currently handle.
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Goodwin’s Treatment Completes Early

We wish to let you know that we completed the C3R treatment here yesterday. The Doctors did the review of the treatment that they have done and have told us that Goodwin’s eyes are healing very well. Consequently, they say that there is no need for them to proceed in putting INTACS in his eyes to help to stabilize the Corneas like they had earlier intended to do. They however, have said that they would like to see him in three months. They have recommended that we consider ICL or implanted eye lenses. This will ensure that he does not have to use regular eye correction glasses.

We plan to go back to Zambia any day from today. This afternoon we will try to change the Ticket dates to tomorrow. We hope that this will work.

Ireen and I would like to thank you most sincerely for making Goodwin’s treatment possible.

Wellington and Ireen

Mwanza’s in India 3/16 update

On Saturday we went back to the Hospital for a review on both of Goodwin’s eyes. The Doctors were very happy that the eyes are healing very well. They think that at the rate his eyes are healing, he may not need INTACS. We will meet the doctors again on Wednesday at 08:30 Hours for another review.

Yesterday we went for the Sunday Worship Service here in Central Delhi where there is a Congregation of the Lord’s Church. I think that it may have been started by J.C. Choate. Wesaw a number of books in the fowyer as we walked in the Church building for worship. It was very good to partake of the Lord’s Supper. Tears rolled from my eyes as we sang the song, ” Take the name of Jesus with you… Precious name Oh how sweet.” I said to my self how can this be possible? All I know is that I came here to seek treatment for my son but it was a great joy to meet brothers and sisters in Christ who I never knew I had. The Church received us very well and inquired about the work of the Lord in the eastern part of Zambia.

The Church has requested me to preach this Sunday. An opportunity which I gladly accepted. Truely God is always faithful and Good.

Thank you for your love and care.


Photos from India

Ireen and Goodwin at the Sharp Eye Hospital.

Ireen and Goodwin at the Sharp Eye Hospital.








Brother Sunny David one of the Church Leaders at Chittaranjan Park Church of Christ in Central India  with Goodwin and Ireen after the Sunday Church Service. Goodwin has to wear shades for all outside activities.

Brother Sunny David one of the Church Leaders at Chittaranjan Park Church of Christ in Central India with Goodwin and Ireen after the Sunday Church Service. Goodwin has to wear shades for all outside activities.


March 13 Update on Goodwin

Greetings and I hope that your are all doing well. I write this email to give you some more information on Goodwin. This afternoon (your alls evening) we went back to the hospital for the doctors to perform the same procedure on Goodwin’s left eye.
I am happy to inform you that the procedure was successful and Goodwin does not seem to be in any pain at all. This means that we have now completed the C3R (Cross-Linking) procedure.Tomorrow morning, we will go back to the hospital for a review of both the right and left eyes.
On Saturday March 15, 2014, the doctors that performed the C3R procedure on Goodwin, Dr. Surbhi Suden the doctor that recommended Sharp Eye Hospital and ourselves will meet to review what has been done and to have a discussion while we wait for the Corneas to settle in.   
For some of you who may not be familiar with Cross-Linking, it is a process where protein is added on the Cornea to strengthen the Cornea so the it maitains it oval shap instead of a conical shape like was the case in Goodwin’s case. The doctors are suprised that his eyes have responded so well that they have been able to do the Cross-Linking procedure on both eyes within three days. They have told us that in most cases, they have had to wait for a week or ten days to be able to carry out this procedure in both eyes of some patients.
We continue to thank God for your prayers and financial supprt that you have given us to be able to bring Goodwin here for treatment. Last night as Ireen and I were prepairing to go to bed, I prayed to God and asked the question,” What shall I give in return for what He and your all have done for Ireen and I?
Thank you.