East-Reach Bus


I wish to report that we arrived safely yesterday from Lusaka to pick the white 29 Seater bus. This morning the preachers who are here for our monthly meeting and the college students came to see the bus. They sat inside and asked, “Can you please take us for ride?” They could not hold back their excitement. Most could not believe that we now have a bus that can be used to carry out God’s work here in the eastern province.

Kevison Zulu a sponsored preacher from Katete area offered a prayer dedicating the bus to God’s service. I also understand that Hills View Church of Christ intends to hold a prayer session tomorrow to dedicate the bus in to God’s service. I will send you pics and a video of the bus hopefully on Monday September 9, 2013. Tomorrow Sunday, I will be traveling with the Ford Ranger to Lundazi town some 175Km North of Chipata for the 2014 Student Recruitment and also to visit some Churches there. I will spent the afternoon at Mwase Church of Christ where I was invited to attend a Church leader’s meeting.

One behalf of all the brothers and sisters in Christ in the Church here in the eastern province, I would like to thank you most sincerely for donating the funds that have made it possible for us to purchase the bus for the work here. We will ensure that the bus is well looked after and that it serves it intended purpose. Thank you.

Wellington Mwanza