God Provides the Water

I wish to report that the last few weeks have been very exciting for us in East-Reach Zambia and at Hills View Church of Christ in particular. We have seen an unprecedented number of people get baptized in to Christ. We have baptized ten (10) individuals in the last two weekends. The pics that I have send you to day show Belia Banda Phiri the wife of our late brother in Christ Wilson Phiri and her neighbor Nelly Mtonga being baptized in to Christ today at lake Apolo which some of you have seen. Many, many, many people have put on the Lord through baptism in this lake. I and a few other brothers in Christ here in Chipata feel like God put Lake Apolo there for us.

It surely provides us with the much water needed for baptism. We also just enjoy the singing and the ride to lake to baptize people. It is always an exciting experience for all of us when we drive there.

Two weeks ago the Church of Christ at Apola dam was baptizing two people who had accepted the word of God and wanted to be baptized and so they went to Lake Apolo. The same Sunday, Hills View had five individuals that had accepted Christ and wanted to be baptized. As usual we went to Lake Apolo and there we met our brothers and sisters from Apola Dam Church of Christ. We decided that instead of having two different baptism sessions that we should have one only. We asked our brother Joseph Sakala who most of you know to baptize the seven individuals which he gladly did. It was like one big family.

It reminded me of what heaven will be like when we all gather before our father in heaven. Thank you guys for making what we do here possible.



Belia with Ireen after baptism.


Nelly the neighbour to Belia being baptized.

Zambia Mens National Lectureship

The Lectureship has been a huge success. By this morning, we had well over 150 delegates coming from all the provinces in Zambia except North-Western province. You should have been here to see the excitement the delegates have. Then all the compliments that the delegates are saying about the infrastructure around the college and how neat and beautiful the surrounding are at the college. One delegate from Southern province commented and said,” It is evident from what we can see that there is a lot of serious work being done here for the Lord” referring to Chipata Bible College. Another said, ” This is one of the well organized Lectureship that I have ever attended.”

Seeing what has taken place the last two days at the Lectureship, I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that God has blessed the work that you are doing through Chipata Bible College and East-Reach Zambia. I believe East-Reach represents what God intends to do in Zambia today and in future. It has become apparent that God intends for East-Reach and Chipata Bible College in particular to provide Leadership not only in the Churches of Christ in the  Eastern province but Zambia as a whole. Thank you guys for supporting this work.

God bless you.



Group Discussion Session going on in a tent.


Show women cooking during the Men’s National Lectureship.


Group Discussion Sessions in the College Cafeteria.


Group Discussion Session going on in the College Dormitory Living room.


Show men singing during a Devotion Session.


Herbert Muhango in Green Shirt teaching a lesson on the Role of a Preacher.